It was just a few days ago when Google publicly released the registration of 1 gigabit fiber network. The company plans to launch Google Fiber on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of Kansas City. What’s good news for Google is that there are already more than 20 percent of the qualified neighborhoods on the Missouri side who have arrived at Google’s thresholds within two days of its opening. This network is new and super-fast.

However, things are a bit slow in Kansas City, Kansas, where the median household income is notably lower than on the other side of the city. Here, there are only three neighborhoods that have met Google’s goals. There are still hundreds of people who still have to sign up to bring fiber to their houses.

Last week, Google officially launched Google Fiber and set it up as an unusual system as the company still had to decide where to roll it out first. Google separated the metropolitan area into ‘fiberhoods’ with around 250 to 1,500 households. It wants all likely subscribers pre-register for Fiber service for a fee of $10.

Before rolling out a Fiber in an area, Google wants all neighborhoods to arrive at a definite threshold of households, which was between 5 to 25 percent. Neighborhoods that don’t reach their pre-registration goals by September 9 will be last in line. Those who reach their goals will be given priorities as per the total number of pre-registrations in each area.