Saturday, May 18, 2024

Google eying China app store with renewed Vigour

Google is planning to make an entry into the Chinese market once again. The tech giant inGoogle eying China app store with renewed Vigour a strategic shift will be opening an app store in China. Google had a fair presence in the Chinese market but it did withdraw in 2010 after a censorship row with the Chinese government.

Google has diversified its platform in the recent months and is increasingly focussing on developing its mobile platform. Google is also working on developing its hardware component.

This hardware component is the key factor which Google plans to develop at its Chinese facility. Google had also approached the Chinese officials last year too as it intended to open a China based version of its play store. However, despite this proactive approach taken up by Google, it is not sure that the Chinese administration will allow Google to operate finally.

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Google might have to ban some apps that offer information on sensitive political topics as rules in this regard are quite strict in China. Google has also realized that China is a major market for its app store as some Chinese phone manufacturers as Xiaomi, ZTE and Huawei are using Google’s free Android operating system successfully.



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