Google is trying hard to attract people to start using Google+. This has been confirmed by the company’s latest move where it has decided to add Google+ Hangouts to Gmail. This decision clearly indicates Google’s efforts of bringing the two services together.

Hangouts is Google’s special service that allows users to indulge in group video chats, work together on documents, share screens, and transmit conversations to the Internet.

The special attraction of the new feature is that it will allow users to video chat not only with other Gmail users but also with the friends on Google+ and the Google+ iOS and Android apps.

In addition, Google has claimed that its new feature will give users better results as it is built on Google’s network. Previously Google had been using peer-to-peer technology to support video chat. It has been reported that the roll out for the feature has begun from today and will continue over the coming weeks.

In the past, it has been noticed that Google has been desperate to extend its Google+ features to as many services as it can. June witnessed Google introducing You Tube parties, a feature that allows Google+ users to watch YouTube videos together online.