American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report in its annual report conducted under a category for customer satisfaction of social media websites ranked Google+ on the top position. Google+ which was started in June 2011 earned a score of 78 on 100, which is the highest that any social media website could get from customers in the research.

Google, which is already enjoying the position of world’s largest search engine, must be very proud to learn that it’s Plus version is enjoying the affection of users as well. With more than 250 million in just one year’s time, Google+’s main intention is to get user attention and to provide more date to improve its core web-query service.

Facebook, one-time favourite of millions, earned a record low score of 61. The social media website last year scored 66 on 100 and 64 in the 2010 report. The reason behind the decreasing popularity of the site is the changes made to its interface recently. Users also felt that Facebook had too many advertisements and that it provided no privacy.

“Facebook is having a hard time with its customers, but they kind of own the concept of social network,” said Larry Freed, chief executive officer of researcher ForeSee Results Inc., which helps us get a better image of the Internet industry. “If you want to see pictures of your grandkids or share them with your grandparents, you’re not going to find them on Google+ today. But if that network continues to grow, then they could be a very serious competitor.”

However, ACSI also revealed that in general social media category has gone down by 1.4 percent in customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, ACSI also listed the scores of other social media sites that were on its list. As Twitter the micro blogging site got 64 on 100; LinkedIn, professional networking site earned a score of 63, while Pinterest, an image-based social site fared 69. All the three were new entries to the category.

The report must have come as a disappointment for Facebook, as it was able to fare least amount of scores for itself.