Google ended its ‘Stay and Play at Home’ throwback Doodle game series on Friday with the 2010 PAC-MAN Doodle. The initiative encouraged users to stay at home to curb the spread of COVID-19. Google featured ten of its most popular Doodle games on its home page in the past two weeks.

Last in the series, PAC-MAN Doodle game was originally released on May 21, 2010 to mark the 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN. It is quite similar to the one many of you might have played earlier in your life.

10 Google Doodle throwback games featured in the ‘Stay and Play at Home’ series –

  • Coding Carrots (2017)

The series began with its popular coding game for kids, popularly referred to as the coding carrots. In this game, a player selects and position blocks to help the rabbit move around to collect carrots. Based on the What You See Is What You Get principle, the Doodle aims to inspire children to code.

  • Cricket (2017)

Particularly dedicated to the cricket fans, it is quite simple to play. A player is only required to press the bat icon when the ball nears the player with an aim to score max. runs in the game. This Doodle was first released to celebrate the ICC Champions Trophy in the year 2017.

  • Fischinger (2017)

Fischinger Doodle will finally allow you to create your own background music even if you are a novice. It features four different instruments at a time and allows users to place notes and create their own music. You can also share it with your family and friends and surprise them.

  • Rockmore (2016)

This one is yet another musical Doodle on the list, however with only one instrument. Rockmore doodle game allows users to create music using a Theremin celebrating Clara Rockmore.

  • Garden Gnome (2018)

The interactive Google Doodle game aims to help players the story behind the humanoid figures. Player throws garden gnomes across a garden and it then plant trees. The main aim of the game is to plant as many trees as possible.

  • Scoville (2016)

The Doodle recognises Wilbur Scoville and his eponymous Scoville Scale which measures a pepper’s heat. Through an interactive fun game, the Doodle teaches users about different kinds of peppers and their hotness. A player gets three chances to throw ice cream on the pepper to move to the next one. However, if the player fails to freeze the pepper, it then burns the player’s character.

  • Loteria (2019)

Loteria is a traditional Mexican card game which is quite similar to Tambola and Bingo. Notably, it was the company’s second-ever multiplayer Doodle game. Users can either play a private match with their friends or a match with random users from around the globe.

  • Halloween (2016)

The game features a wizard cat character which is trying to kill ghosts to save their magic school. With a total of five levels, the game requires player to perform magic spells. The player has to quickly draw the required shapes on the screen to defeat the ghosts. It is an especially fun game for the Potter-heads.

  • Hip Hop (2017)

The interactive doodle which was originally released in the year 2017 celebrates a 1973 party by DJ Kool Herc where the distinctive sound of Hip Hop was created. In the game, a player has to shuffle through various records and use them to making hip hop tunes.

  • PAC-MAN (2010)

The Doodle sports a grid that reads Google and reminds you of the old video games. A celebration of the original PAC MAN series, the game requires players to eat dots and avoid ghosts in the game. However, if a player eats a large dot, it can then also eat up the ghosts to win extra points.

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In case you missed out on the series, you can find these games in Google’s Doodle Archives. Furthermore, you can also explore more such interesting Google Doodle games to cure your quarantine boredom.

How to find old Google Doodle games?

Go to in your web browser and search for “Doodle games”. You will see the interactive doodle games snippet on the consequent search engine result page. Then, you can select either of the games you wish to play including these Top 10.

Once you have selected a particular Doodle game, the game will open up showing you a short tutorial. After the tutorial ends, you can try your hands on the game and cure some of your quarantine tedium.