Yes, the cloud has been here for a while and by now we’ve established that it’s here to stay. With everyone jumping onto the cloud bandwagon, including Microsoft for professional cloud services and Apple’s iCloud, nobody thought the makers of the world’s largest selling smartphone OS, Google, would be left behind. Now, I know I tend to sound a bit partial to Androids, but it’s only because I’m such a huge fan of the way Google has revolutionized the world of technology… as we know it. Apple fans, I will not enter into an argument about Google’s innovative quotient here.

One of the newest cloud offerings in the market is Google Drive. Although newer to the cloud than already existing providers such as Dropbox, Box and iCloud, Google Drive will find many takers because of the sheer amount of connectivity it offers across all Google services including Gmail, Google+ and Google Docs. I personally love the convenience offered by Google Drive that lets me store all my writing at one central location, which I can access from absolutely anywhere without compromising on my data’s security.

My Google Drive account gives me 5GB of space absolutely free, which is way more than what I need to store my important documents and PDFs. As stated before, yes, I’m an Android lover and what’s really cool about Google Drive is that I have installed a program on my laptop, an app on my tablet and smartphone and no matter where I go, with whichever device I have in my hand, I have access to my writing whenever I want, wherever I am.

With Google Drive, I can start writing an article on my laptop and continue working on it on the move with the help of my tablet or even my phone, and it syncs real fast. This way, I have an updated version of the file through my Google Drive folder on all of my devices. And what if I’m someplace where I don’t have any of my devices with me? I can access Google Drive online using a web browser from anybody else’s system too, logging in with my Google ID and can finish working on my drafts even when I don’t have my own devices on me.

I love that I no longer need to carry around my work on a pen drive, connect it to numerous devices and keep transferring updated versions from it onto my laptop. Now, with Google Drive, whichever device I choose to work from, my data is synced across all my systems with the most updated version of my content and I can work with ease, wherever I go.

What’s even better is that I’ve got 5GB space in my Google Drive account, which means I can even store my music and photos on my account, giving me convenience even on the move. And the coolest part about Google Drive? My most precious data is stored at a secure location where I never have to worry about disk crashes anymore!