Baby Shark on Alexa is Cute But Google Digital Virtual Assistant Is Smarter


We have all loved and admired the baby shark on Alexa videos. Like them or hate them. The truth remains that digital voice assistants are here to stay. In fact, the war of virtual and digital assistants has only intensified recently. Families are routinely searching their favorite digital assistants for news, jokes and nursery rhymes.

However, a recent Loup Ventures study on the IQ of virtual assistant devices suggests that Google Assistant is much smarter. The report says that Alexa and Siri are not able to meet the accuracy of answers against Google Assistant. Hence, Google Assistant performed better than Apple’s Siri and Alexa when it comes to efficiently answering queries on smartphones.

The Annual Test: Google Assistant vs. Siri vs. Alexa

Loup Ventures is a venture capital firm that conducts an annual test to evaluate the technological progress made by Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. In this study, they asked the three devices 800 questions each to judge their accuracy. It was found that although all the three voice assistants had similar abilities to understand questions, it was Google Assistant that efficiently answered more than 90 percent of the questions correctly. As per the result, while Google’s Assistant beat the mark by answering correctly 92.9 percent questions correctly, Siri was not far behind with 83 percent score and Alexa with 80 percent correct answers.

2019 Loup Ventures study: IQ of virtual assistant devices

The research-based venture capital firm noted a stark improvement from the last year’s score. In 2018, Google Assistant scored 86 percent while Siri answered 97 percent questions accurately. It is Alexa, with a mere score of 61 percent, which has shown drastic improvement in its ability to efficiently execute commands.

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The company used Google Assistant on a Pixel XL (Android 9 Pie), Siri on iOS 12.4, and Alexa by means of the iOS app as part of the exercise. There were two basic criteria on which these apps were tested — who understood what was being said and delivered a correct response. To test a mix of query types, the set of questions included five basic varieties of questions – local information, commercial activity, ability to navigate, ability to provide information and ability to receive commands.

Google Assistant aced on most of these aspects, expect that Siri was better at taking commands. In fact, Google Assistant outperformed in information-related questions and navigation. Also, Google Assistant actually had an amazing lead in the commerce category and successfully answered 92% of questions correctly in the section, leaving its competitors behind. Currently, there are an estimated 8 million users of voice-activated assistants globally. Most users use these assistants to play music or to ask about the weather.

An innovation that has drastically changed how we go about our daily lives, digital assistants act when asked to. Although several people also raise concerns about the lack of security and privacy with virtual digital assistants, the number of users of virtual digital assistants is likely to go up to 1.8 billion users by 2021.

Are you still listening to Baby Shark on Alexa or do plan to change to Google Assistant?

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