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Samsung Galaxy S3 Had Given An Upper Hand To Samsung And Now It Is Tizen Powered Device Not Making Google Happy

Samsung is not new to have  a upper hand as far as technology is concerned  This is not mystery or hidden fact- the Galaxy S III has sealed Samsung’s rank as a giant in the Android world too. Now buzz from corners reveal that Google is all-so-worked up that Samsung is almost there to make a mark in history  ! Why so, you ask? Samsung has got on to initiate Tizen-powered devices—perhaps a way to that it is done with Google for now.

Coming from another buzz mill partial to Google, we hear that Samsung is losing sleep over the later collaborating with Motorola on the Motorola X. With Key Lime Pie, the smarty is the first to be powered by Andriod5.0. Samsung wonders if Motorola could get latest specs and updates all too fast.

Moving away from the rumor mills, Patrick Pichette, CFO at Google dismisses any rift or conflict between Google and Samsung. He says that the former is in the least concerned with Samsung’s first-on revolutionary innovations and says that Google fosters a great relationship with each of its partners. Partners mean—Samsung included!

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
Sharma is the Lead-Instructional Designer at Pen Pundit. She takes care of all academic projects acquired and undertaken by the company. In her free time, she will be found fighting for animal rights.

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