Google has finally added some new features tagged to their popular Maps.  According to what we saw on the Android client for Google’s navigation and mapping offerings, you can gear up for Map previews besides offering a business shortcut. Last weekend, Google has started the test phase for allowing food related photograph uploads on Maps. What’s more — these new add-ons will be available for the Indian version too.

What’s New?

Google Maps saw an update to Android 9.13.0 version and will come enhanced with Google Adds Street View Tab To MapsStreet View option on the left bottom corner of the display screen.  Once you tap it, the entire Street View of the region pops up.  However, Street View has not yet arrived in India.

Adding new businesses too is a much acclaimed feature. In case you can see a business that is yet to see a listing, you simply need to click on “add a missing business” button at the navigation drawer bottom.

The Best Bits

A limited number of users are stating that Google Maps has finally finalised the Tablescape that has been in test zone since February. This means the capacity to add “foodographs” as we referred to above. The best bit for the end– Google is mulling over getting all public transport routes of Delhi integrated with a complete schedule into Maps.