Google has expanded its offering with the addition of another feature related to the product searches you do online. The feature enables Google to remember what you have searched online and will notifying you when a product is available nexus 10 release date

The search giant has been improving its services on a regular interval, with Google Now receiving a neat treatment recently. The company recently updated its Search app for Android devices with the addition of new abilities, such as working while offline or finding your car if you forgot where you parked it.

You search for ample of products online and generally forget about majority of those. But Google Now will not forget about the product you searched for and will notify as soon as you pass by a store that has said product in stock.

The new feature can only be accessed through the Android version of Google Now at this point of time, and it is also likely available only for users in the US, with a potential expansion to follow later on. Very limited information about the feature is available currently as the company has not yet made any official announcement about the same.

The new feature by Google is likely to receive mixed reactions from the users as there are people who don’t mind sharing everything with Google’s personal digital assistant, but there are also people who are likely to feel embarrassed by notifications regarding their recent product searches.  There is a high probability that the users will have the option to to turn off this functionality if they so prefer.

Google Now was initially launched on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it was termed as one of the most valuable features of that OS version. The latest update can now be downloaded from the Google Play store that will assist you in shopping by keeping track of your product searches.

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