Google is supposed to announce a new Nexus 7 in July. The initial Nexus 7 tablet by Google has been proven as one of the unbeaten Android tablets in the techie world. The Nexus branding ensures that it receives any Android update by Google at first place. The price for Nexus 7 was also striking at $199.


Google took an altogether different move than Apple by offering a smaller and less costly tablet with some high-end specs. Android fans were amazed by Nexus branding and its $199 price tag.

The new Nexus was expected at Google I/O Developers Conference held last month but failed for some reasons. Now, a new report by DigiTimes, alleges it to be announced in July following the last year trend of unveiling of previous Nexus in the same month.

At $229, the new Nexus 16 GB tablet is a bit expensive as now, the Google wants to avoid direct competition with entry-level Android tablets. Sources at DigiTimes further added that Google would not follow price cutting trend followed by first-tier brand vendors, rather it would likely to compete with Amazon and Apple.

DigiTimes also states that Apple’s iPad mini 2 to be launched in September will concentrate on the upper end of small size tablets whereas, Google’s Nexus 7 will cater to the mid-range market. Samsung with mid and entry level market and Acer and ASUS with only entry level market will be available in below $150.