According to reports from, the thirteenth episode of Good Wife Season 5 will not come out any time soon, and will be expected to air in a few weeks. The drama that has unfolded already has had its fans craving for more. They are waiting with bated breaths to see what happens between the characters.

 The latest law battle between Florrick, Agos and Associates and LG has two juries involved. The episode “We, the Juries” shows the continuation of the battle between married couples in a case that involves drug trafficking in Brazil. However, it involves different trials for the man and the woman. The fact that Lockhart’s client walks away and her client does not makes Alicia feel bad. However, she soon comes to know that her partner is involved in another wrongdoing. The episode 13 may involve Alicia’s recovery against this constant stress. Zach Florrick may be set for yet another trial, and may be one more trial is waiting for him. Eli Gold may be the culprit behind this, of course, much to the non admittance by himself.

 With the next episode predicted to be aired on March 9, 2014, it seems the executive producer will focus on Kalinda’s character and slowly the ending half of the season will involve her story. Will Kalinda and Cary get back together in the next episode? Here’s a spoiler: the romance seems to have come back. In the twelfth episode, the couple has a drink together, and although Cary likes Robyn, it seems Kalinda and Cary do have a future together. Wouldn’t it be great if they become a couple yet again and can actually keep the relationship strong? Only a matter of time before we find out how the story crystallizes.