In an interesting move to offer more fun to gamers, Ubisoft recently announced addition of around 40 new updated levels to the much-awaited and long delayed Rayman Legends. Coming with bonus features, gamers will avail these levels only after finishing the game.
In addition to the Rayman Legends levels, the firm is also seeking a multiplayer mini game; named Kung Foot that involves four players, when using the Wii U. September 3rd marks the welcome date for entry of Rayman Legends. The game will be released on the PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and Wii U.
Here comes the State of Decay for PC
Undead Labs recently announced the availability of a controller-only version of its successful console game, designed only for PC before the final release hits the market. However, this version will come sans the added features or content as opposed to the console version.
Mark August to welcome Sony’s lineup of PS Plus free games
Watch out for August as we hear Sony plans to launch around four free games for its PlayStation Plus subscribers including Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Mafia 2, both releasing on 31st July. The Mafia 2 will roll out with Spec Ops: The Line.
All free games will release on both the consoles; PS3 and PS Vita. Lego Lord of the Rings also comes free for PS Vita gamers. Other games such as When Vikings Attack come as a cross-play for both the consoles.