To commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary Good Friday is observed as a solemn religious holiday primarily by Christian people. Christ made the ultimate sacrifice on this day for people who had their faith in Him. This year Good Friday would be observed on 18th April. It is good to know some of the important facts about this day.

  1. On Good Friday followers of Christianity remember the day when Jesus heavily suffered and crucified to death. He made the ultimate sacrifice for sins of humanity. Christ was spit on, beaten, a crown of thorns was positioned on this head, his wrists and feet were nailed to a cross and everybody cheered to crucify him.
  2. There is a service on this day but no mass. This is being followed since the beginning of Christianity. The special liturgy happens between 12 pm and 3 pm as it is believed to be time when Jesus died in 33 AD. Distribution of Holy Communion is done on this day.
  3. This is a day when people fast and stay in abstinence. This is also due to the fact that Good Friday falls on a Friday of the Lenten season. Christians are allowed to eat one complete meal and two small meals during the day in this time. People over 14 years old cannot have meat. Limited computer/radio/television uses, quite atmosphere, little or no activities outside of the house are certain things some people follow.
  4. This day is called Good Friday even though Jesus died in this day because here good is meant to be holy or great or God’s Friday. Moreover, it is believed that Good Friday has to happen for Jesus to resurrect at Easter.
  5. Most churches have all the 14 moments or stations of the Crucifixion placed in order on the walls. On Good Friday, parishioners observe every station following the officiant.

This is a day to show respect and offer gratitude to Jesus Christ who made the ultimate sacrifice to pay for the sins of humanity and betterment of the human race on earth.