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Going forward: Will Apple make way for a cost effective iPhone 6

Apple being a leading manufacturer of classy smartphones, iPads, and many more gadgets, always remain under the limelight. Speculations are high until the day of time about what and when regarding the next. Now, the rumors are again soaring for the looks of the next iPhone 6.

The new iPhone 5S with plastic backs, gold trim and a possible redesign cannot be denied as Apple is expected to follow the success of colorful iPod for its cheaper versions too. The leaked pictures online also confirm the reports of curved plastic back with gold-trimmed buttons for the iPhone mini.

While most signs indicate a release of a cheaper colorful iPhone, there are hopes that Apple might come out with a bigger phablet-sized iPhone 6 along with the cheap iPhone 5s. Apple is quite optimistic about minimizing fragmentation, and a knock at screen size a single year after the introduction of the 4-inch iPhone 5 just seems too messy.

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However, after putting all speculations together, it can be concluded that Apple would end up releasing two iPhones this year-one iPhone 6 with a nice array of specs and the other to be sold at minimal prices to hold the market. . Apple recently did away with the generational split for the iPod Touch line, and it wouldn’t be unexpected to see Cupertino drop the iPhone 5 and 4S completely going forward to make the way for the above mentioned two.

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