After tasting success with its sexiest phone in the world Gionee Elife S5.5, makers of the phone are set to launch their next flagship phone, the Gionee Elife E8. Gionee President Williaam Lu confirmed this news, along with announcing July as the month of launch.

As per latest news from Gionee, the upcoming E8 is not touted to be a successor to the Elife E7. Instead, the makers are designing it as an upgraded smartphone over Elife 7. We can anticipate the flagship to “compete with the best.”

Phone Elife E8However, the phone will have an international launch first before it hits Indian shores. Sad news is that no information has been made public about its specifications. No leaks or images have gone viral till date.

More good news from the Gionee stable is that the company will soon release a Lollipop update for most of its smartphones currently in the market. Elife E7 will see the update very soon—around May or perhaps June. Android’s latest update will make way into the other Gionee models from around the end of this month. No official snippet has been leaked about the exact models that will receive the Android 5.0 update.

Amid all this, Gionee has finally revealed its readiness to launch the Elife S7 for India by April 4. The launch price of this much-awaited phone is set at around the Rs. 26,000.