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GG1 Release Date- Next Version of Google Glass Is On The Way

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It seems that the US tech giant Google has some good news under the hood. People who could not lay their hands on the wearable technology of Google Glass can now rejoice as Droid Life reports that the company is planning to bring an advanced version of Google Glass very soon. Though the withdrawal of the Google Glass from the market in January 2015 disappointed many, now it seems the company might be planning something even better this time.

 GG1- next version of Google Glass is on the wayGG1 is on the way

According to the reports, the next version of Google Glass is expected to be named as GG1 and would work as per the latest filing of the US Federal Communications Commission or FCC. The FFC is responsible for electronic product testing for ensuring that it follows the safety standards needed before allowing human contact.

The reports also indicate that the new product would be available in rectangular shape like any glass or spectacle, so that people can wear it comfortably. Not just that, to ensure user-friendliness, the device would offer sub-menu with left and right scrolling options. Though the media reports have given rise to a strong speculation regarding the launch of an all new Google Glass, a word of confirmation is still awaited from the company. 

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