The latest and innovative is an interesting video streaming application that is designed to let users record video footage that goes live automatically and is conveniently stored in cloud.

Most of mobile video applications these days focus on burning videos and building user base instead of letting users shoot video easily from their cell phones. At such a time, comes as a breakthrough that is made to allow users use their own mobile phones to immediately create and share live and on-demand video streams.

Mobile video streaming is famous with those who have phones, especially iPhones. As soon as these iPhones were launched with a camera, many apps were already slashing it to allow users stream from their phones. Accessing these apps required users to sign in to share video, name the channel or stream that they are shooting, offer a description, and much more.

But with app, users are stripped off of all these requirements. All they need to do is download, open and instantly start shooting.

Let’s take a look at how works…… Streams in the app are connected with user’s location, where it immediately gets posted to the website. The quality of video it sends is dependent upon accessible bandwidth. This app is suitable to upload 480p live video over Wi-Fi, and 360p over 3G mobile networks.

Videos that users shoot goes online through their own links, which lets everyone view it live or on-demand.

For an instant coverage, like in case of some important news, this app also lets users share links on Facebook or Twitter after a user logs in. But users don’t need to do this in case they want to post it. Since this app establishes ownership on device ID, from where it is shot, users need not worry about losing their videos as they always get a claim later on.

This app also has a website called that users can visit to browse through videos as per date and location. David Tyler, co-founder states the importance of location as he believes, it allows users to evaluate multiple views of the same event or series of events.

This application came into being following the Occupy protests, where an app like could have exposed the attack of protesters in Zuccotti Park from different angles.

As for now, is joining this summer’s Y Combinator class with a team of four people. David Tyler, Tyler Menezes, and Paul Cretu are three founders of the app, who first started to develop the app as part of a Seattle Startup weekend last November, when they were making it particularly for citizen journalism. will now see many updates as the team works to look for interesting ways to visualize video events nearby. They are busy in trying to search for an easy way to watch videos in the app, without ruining the users’ experience.