Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for e-mails, social networking, texting and reading apart from calling. One common problem that all smartphone users face is battery draining. Even if you charge your smartphone in the morning, the battery will deplete by noon or evening depending on your usage pattern. Users who are always online face battery draining issues more often. But there are some really simple and easy ways with which you can extend the battery life of your device.     

  • How get the most out of your smartphone battery Dimming the display- One of the biggest battery drainers is the colorful display your smartphone.  If you want your battery to last longer, it is advisable that you must change the brightness settings to lowest level. However, there are many smartphones which come with automatic brightness adjustment feature which prevents the battery from draining quickly.
  • Reducing the screen timeout interval- Change the setting of screen timeout (30 seconds to 1minute is advisable) to strengthen battery life.  The more time your smartphone’s screen takes to turn off, the more quickly it will drain out the battery.
  • Close unwanted application- It is advisable that one must use a good task manager to handle unneeded application. When you open an application, it keeps running in the background even after you close it. Task managers close these applications and hence extend battery life.
  • Turn off 3G and Wi-Fi- When not using these services, it is better to turn them as it is extend your battery life.
  • Battery application- Smartphone users can also download a good battery manager application such as battery doctor and DU battery saver. These applications come with several features which can be used to extend battery life of your device.