googleOne in every 19 people in the world suffer from diabetes. For such people it is a herculean task to keep their blood sugar levels in check. Scientists across the world have been researching various body fluids including tears to help people have an easier way of keeping track of their glucose levels. Considering that tears are not so easy to collect and study, Google is pioneering a way via miniaturized electronics and hopes that one day it would offer diabetic patients a convenient way to measure glucose levels in their tears. 

Working in this direction, Google is currently testing a smart contact lens that measures glucose levels in a person’s tears with the aid of a tiny wireless chip and a miniaturized glucose sensor that is sandwiched between two layers of soft contact lens material.

The prototype is intended to act as an early warning for its wearer and Google is looking at the possibility of embedding tiny LED lights in the lens that could light up, indicating if glucose levels have gone up or below certain limits. Google says that this technology is still in its infancy, but the completion of multiple clinical research studies is helping in refining the prototype further and hopes that one day it would come up with a new way for people to manage diabetes that is a lot more convenient than the methods available today.