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Get ready for an Amazing Camera Experience in Apple iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, And Apple iPhone 6

Camera Experience in Apple iPad Mini 2, iPad 5, And Apple iPhone 6Even though we still don’t know when Apple’s next generation iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini 2 will finally see the light of the day, what we do know is that Apple loyalists can look forward to powerful cameras and new and exciting camera features in them.

Our speculation is based on a new patent filed by the company at the U.S Patent and Trademark Office during Q1 of 2012. We can also expect these features to be a part of the brand new iOS 7, and possibly even other devices from Apple like the iPod, iMac and the MacBook.

Patently Apple reports that Apple has filed for four patents for different devices like phone, personal data assistant, portable music player, monitor, TV, laptop, desktop and tablet. The patents would help enhance the camera’s abilities toward color balancing and correction. It could also make the images as good as those clicked by powerful point-and-shoot cameras.

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So, will these new features make us ditch our cameras, DSLRs and non-Apple smartphones?

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