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Get Ready for a Smaller Version of the Sony PlayStation 3 or PS 3

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A smaller version of PlayStation 3 video game console is in the making, announced Sony at the start of the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, which the firm hopes to launch by the fall this season.

Sony PlayStation 3, famously known as PS 3 has been a hit ever since its first launch in 2005. Now Sony is in plans to launch the smaller version of PS 3 in three models, one with a 12GB flash memory drive, another with 250GB hard disk drive, and a third model with a 500GB hard disk.

Sony is designing this latest version with 25 percent less weight and 20 percent small volume of its predecessors that had 60GB hard disk drive. Designed in a curved style, the new PlayStation 3 will have a sliding disk cover.

The smaller console from Sony will go in sale in North America this fall. The 500GB version will hit the shelves Oct. 30 for a price of $299. The 250GB console will be launched earlier on Sept. 25 for $249, or for $269 in a special bundle.

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Sony will unveil the flash memory version only in the European market and Hong Kong for a price of 229 euros on Oct. 12.

In Europe, the 500GB version will cost 200 euros and will be in the market on Sept. 28. In Japan, the 500GB version will be on the shelves on Oct. 4 for 29,800 yen and the 250GB for 24,900 yen.

Predecessors of this smaller version were made with hard disks of 160GB and 320GB.

The latest in the series PS 3, made with a 12GB flash memory device is thought to be an entry-level console, which even novice gamers can indulge in at lower prices.

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Sony will also offer users a choice to increase the memory over time by fixing a 250GB hard disk drive, which will be out as an accessory for 89.99 euros, starting Oct. 12 in Europe. This latest and smaller PS 3 console will weigh about 4.7 pounds.

Sony also informs users about more than 3,300 Blu-ray PS 3 games available and another 4,100 downloadable games.

Offering gamers a fun playtime since last seven-years, Sony is now giving the same fun in a choice of classic white color. This version will be out in Japan, starting November.

Sony also plans to sell a vertical stand, which users can use to prop the machine up vertically. This stand will hit the shelves for $14.99 in North America, 14.99 euros in Europe, and 1,800 yen in Japan.

This fall seems to be the hope for Sony, who will penetrate more into the gaming market with lot of new and latest consoles. Time seems to be great for all gaming fans as Nintendo Wii U is also scheduled to hit the US market this November.

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