With the launch of a new phone Apple is basking in the glory of succes. Apple has introduced a new phone Apple iPhone 5S to its lineup. Let’s take a look at Apple iPhon5S accessories.

Apple iPhone 5S cover: Apple has added plethora of new covers to its lineup. The case introduced by Apple is made out of leather and will not cover the essential parts of Apple iPhone 5S.  Also it will not hide the features of Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhon5S dock: Along with cover Apple has also launched a new Apple iPhone 5S dock for 25 pounds. What is really interesting about this doc k is that lets you use your Apple iPhone 5S on speaker phone and is the first dock made with Apple lightning connector.

Apple iPhone 5S car mount kit: Techradar.com has suggested Apple iPhone 5S car mount kit from Gripmount. The kit lets you keep your hands free while driving and also lets you navigate through GPS.

Apple iPhone 5S comes with a fingerprint scanner and iOS7. Apple iPhone 5S processor is a 64 bit A7 processor and is faster than its predeccsor .

What make Apple iPhone 5S buy worthy are its interesting features and exclusive accessories.