Sunday, May 19, 2024

Get An Adrenaline High As Sony Pushes For Wii U like Play Station 4 iOS And Android App


Sony made a Play Station 4 announcement earlier today, revealing that there would be mobile friendly version of PS4. Sony said that it is working towards PS4  iOS and Android App which would give gamers more reasons to be addicted to the game.

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Sony said that the reason behind bringing PS4 to iOS and Android is to offer gamers with game maps, social networking tools and a way to buy apps from Playstation store while you are on the move. Sony has taken this step so that it can make your  mobile device with PS4 more like a Wii U Game Pad.

There was no mention of the release date but according to smart money, it is expected that Sony PS4 console would come same time in holidays; we should expect the app at the same time too.

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