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Max Payne 3: Is the DLC only hope?

Get all geared up to indulge in the gaming fun of Max Payne 3 that’s the third in the series of Rockstar Games Max Payne. Out now in stores, this game is set eight years after the events of the last installment. For Max Payne, the tragedies that took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal. He’s no longer a cop in this version of the game. Even as the much awaited DLC is around the corner for the Max Payne 3 game, one mulls whether this is the only option up the sleeve of the Rockstar Games.

Losing its sheen?

After a much hyped summer launch for the story of the troubled detective, the game is slowly fizzling out losing its grip on the audiences. Now, being a fan of Rockstar, I couldn’t ignore the fact that the game just went on and on describing the story and reduced the fun of participating in a fast-paced game which it is meant to be. Also, one could have been given more room to play rather than wait for the DLC pack to arrive. After all, what’s the point of selling a gun without ammunition! Will the DLC fare out better for some?

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What’s up?

The DLC titled ‘Local Justice’ Pack will include three new maps (55th Battalion HQ, Imperial Palace and Departure Lounge map) for versatile gaming along with M4 Assault Rifle (a smart weapon with attachments), Light Fingers Loadout Item (enabling faster looting) and the Sao Paulo Police Faction (with customization options). It does not stop at this. Pre-order bonuses also include a Cemetery Map, a Silent Killer Loadout Pack, Pill Bottle Item, a Deadly Force Bust and the ‘return to the old times’ Classic Max Payne Character as well. Ideally planned for a June release, the delay to the month of July has brought more out of the Rockstar stable with a discounted price of $5.99 till July 9. But, it is a surprise that Rockstar kept the details for making more profit which could have been easily provided with the game’s first purchase itself.

The company spent well on its marketing side even releasing a comic book series with Marvel besides a number of competitions for its fan base. Overall, the attempt looks more committed towards a movie script rather than the fast-paced game which has been its main USP. The other important aspect that they wanted to introduce was the ‘Rockstar Pass’ which could easily gain you a discount 35 per cent heads up on all add-on content. This time around Rockstar is giving the DLC ‘free’ for all Pass holders raising its status amongst the gamers. Now, all in all, the company is just messing around with the gamers making them realize that it takes its fans seriously and the rest can just take a hike! Also, Rockstar entered into business agreements with a number of retail options to provide free DLC content for ordering from that particular outlet. But, considering that the first DLC has been provided ‘free’ in so many aspects, is the company justified in charging for it? And has it done enough on its part to warrant a separate charge for the DLC? The same content would be released on July 27 for PC users but with another DLC package awaited, is this, the only hope for game buffs? Shouldn’t Rockstar up the ante a bit more for one of its key specialties? Would want to know more from you as well….If you have played it, do post your opinion about the game play and whether you would want the upcoming DLC as part of the initial pack itself?

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