George Zimmerman, who was held responsible for murder case of Trayvon Martin was found dead after he allegedly shot himself with a loaded Florida Gun Range. The report got some major attention on social networking sites marking brow-raising feedbacks from netizens from different fields.

A 911 responder stated, “God freed Boosie and assassinated Zimmerman”. The first responder of 911 found George Zimmerman’s dead body and he shot himself while loading his gun. He further stated that the team didn’t take up their time to reach there and arrived at the scene as soon as possible. If he were a rapper, his death could make more raves, but at present people are just glad that he’s dead.

The news caught great attention on Twitter and Facebook and the anti-Zimmerman found the story different from satirical news website of National Report an Daily Currant. People tweeted on the fake suicide news of Zimmerman.

Yes, Zimmerman is very alive and was seen signing autographs on Saturday at Orlando Gun Shop with over 20 people gathered around him. So, far nothing could be said whether it was a popularity strategy or a fake rumour from some Zimmerman hater.