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Gearbox Software Confirms Leaked DLC for Borderlands 2; Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty Up for Grabs!

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Close on the launch of Gaige the Mechromancer, Gearbox software has confirmed the DLC for the Borderlands 2, which will feature a mean lady Captain and her treasure…

The guns are blazing hard in the land of Pandora with the estranged quartet singing the battle song in the recently released Borderlands 2 edition. Most of you would be busy on their consoles shooting your way to glory. Now it seems that Gearbox software has finally confirmed the presence of the new DLC, the information about which was accidentally leaked on the disc itself when the trophies for the new DLC were included in the PS3 list. Some of the trophies include Trophy Hunter, which is rewarded after one completes the mission ‘X marks the Spot’ and Gadabout, which one achieves on discovering all named locations in Oasis and after surrounding Pirate’s Booty areas. The next trophy is named the Completionist, which is won after completing after all the side missions. The gaming major has come forward and confirmed the news of the pirate DLC which will feature the character of pirate queen Captain Scarlett who looks very ominous with her one-eye and cyborg-like appearance. The setting would be a place termed as Oasis and the quest would be recover the Captain’s treasured Booty. It will have new missions, bosses, raids and a whole new set of weapons as well. It will also feature a new level of rarity for the weapons featured, which will determine the bonuses gained by a weapon relating it to its firepower. The confirmation about the pirate-themed DLC from Gearbox comes close to the launch of fifth character, Gaige the Mechromancer, which is available as a separate DLC. However, Gaige is available free of cost for gamers who pre-ordered the game.

Gamers can avail this DLC at a sum of $9.99 or even go for the Season Pass, which will be available for 29.99$, which will unlock the upcoming four DLCs as well. Considering Gearbox’ fine performance, it would not be a loss to invest in the Season Pass as well.

Borderlands 2 has been progressing considerably and has registered a growth of more than 200 per cent (234 to be precise) in sales for the first month of launch as compared to its previous version. A data released by the NPD group has revealed that the game has already sold 1.48 million copies in USA in the month of September and with the arrival of the new DLC, it is expected to grow further. But despite all its best efforts it failed to win the coveted first prize with Madden NFL 13 beating it for the top slot by registering a whopping 2.5 million copies.

Borderlands 2 has been garnering a lot of positive reviews and is expected to grow further with the upcoming DLCs. The leak about the DLC has generated a new buzz regarding the game and one could predict it to be an intentional move as well. After all, marketing ploys are getting more imaginative nowadays.

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