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Gear up for Halo 4; Interactive guide launched along with new DLC trailer!

The preview launch of the first Spartan Ops episode of Halo 4 has really paced the nerves of gamers who are now looking forward to the new edition. Halo Waypoint has released a suitable Interactive guide for the game as well…

The keyword is buzz. And with the hopes pinned with Halo 4, the stakes are even higher. But 343 Industries has managed to always deliver each promise with a bang. In a series of new reveals, they have come out with the launch trailer of the first Spartan Ops episode which features a wide variety of platforms spread across 10 episodes and 5 missions related to each episode. That is a mind boggling 50 missions to be completed in this edition. For now, it is unclear whether Microsoft will foot the bill for all the episodes or charge the gamers in return for the new content addition. The Spartan Ops which provide the cooperative modes for the game play, would be debuting in this edition and would be played out as a series of weekly episodes keeping the buzz alive on this version.

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For starters, the first Spartan Op is free to download content which would be related to the game but would be happening at a span of six months from the game’s setting. The cooperative mode will take up to four players. It will be featuring new storylines, content, events and locations and lead to the reveals related to new missions. Gamers can participate in this edition or keep on reviewing it as viewers.

Meanwhile, Halo Waypoint has launched its own unique Interactive guide which can be checked at http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-US/halo4guide which provides a wide variety of information about the latest edition offering the kind of weapons, armors and vehicles along with war modes and much more on offer. And yes, the Halo 4 tutorial would be the apt inspiration for you before entering the realm of the game which will begin on November 6, 2012. The easy browsing guide offers you a number of options to click and review, offering in-depth detail about the game and its outcome.

One is eagerly counting down to the date but considering the superb details which have been pouring in, it would be a wise step to pre-order the edition. Now the game’s biggest competition is Activision-backed Call of Duty: Black Ops II which has ruled the charts till October 20, 2012. But considering the new bountiful content dropped across the board by 343 Industries, this would be a close race between the two games. Registering a sale of over 1,20,000 copies, the game has been a leader in its pre-order records. The Spartan Ops would be the key feature which will decide the success of the game! FPS shooting would be reaching a new level with this new input but whether the other games would be able to upgrade themselves to this new level is a big question for all! For now, the best thing would be to just sit back and enjoy the show!

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