Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed is one of the most popular and profitable gaming franchises at the moment. The latest avatar of the game seems like it’s going to be the best so far. Assassins Creed 4: The Black Flag has a new protagonist and many new gameplay mechanics. When in the “past”, play as a pirate, from fighting against naval forts and other ships to searching for treasure on the sea bed. The game will actually allow the player to free swim on the ocean bed in search of lost treasure but beware sharks! In the “present” the player will be able to explore much more of Abstergo than ever before. It will still have many of the things that have made the franchise popular like free running and an upgrade system – this time around expect free swimming as well, and players will have to upgrade their ship.

In other news, Minecraft developers 4J Studios has said that it is in the final stages of finishing up the new Title Update 12 for Microsoft Xbox 360 – they hope to apply for certification later this week which means that it would take another week or two for the game to be available on Xbox Live. 4J Studio also plans to reveal the first Mash-Up for the console – these packs are combinations of new skins, user interface, textures and a themed world to make the game look like another game. Expect it to be revealed at the same time the Title Update goes in for certification, says 4J Studio – so hopefully by the end of the week or later this month.