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Game of Thrones: Lost Lords Review

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Are you a fan of Game of Throne series? If yes, some good news is in store for you. Game of Thrones has been released on Android as also on iOS. So if you are among those who enjoy interactive fiction with some betrayal and bloodshed stories in the background, Game of Thrones: Lost Lords is for you.

Game of thrones lost lord reviewThe downside of the game is that if you fail to avoid an attack, the game ends in one go and you need to start all over again. Some of the key characters in the game, such as Tyrion Lannister look and feel great. But some like Margaery Tyrell feel terribly wrong.

The episode begins with son of House Forrester in Yunkai. Characters keep switching between Asher Forrester and Forrester squire Gared Tuttle. These characters end up meeting Jon Snow eventually.

The good point in Lost Lord is the ease with which humor and horror mix up convincingly. However, if you are among those whose had played the first episode, the end of Lost Lord might seem to be of little interest as it is only a fade image of the ending the first episode in the series had.

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