580752_177066815832188_1938934067_nThe Korean giant Samsung is leaving no technology unturned to slim down its flagships devices to a size zero level. We have sniffed news that the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to come all sleek and sexy—thanks to the technology of integrating the antennae. Do we smell a hint of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 here?

 Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S5 in 2014’s first quarter. In fact, viral web leaks have pointed to a metal body replacing the staple Samsung plastic mold.

 We have noticed a trend to slim down its babies with every model from Samsung, The Samsung Galaxy S4 was 0.5 mm thinner than the Galaxy S3.

 Of course, without compromising on display and screen size! Looks like the makers have mastered the treadmill trick with each model!

 In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 1 mm sleeker than its preceding model. In addition, the LDS tech is the clear reason why.

 A source from ET News has gone on record stating, “When we were developing the Galaxy S3, it took us more than three weeks to change the antenna frequency design for different countries and regions… As we began to use the LDS-type cases with built-in antennas, we could reduce the development time to 3-4 days.”