The gadget goodies seem to be springing oh-so-often but it has been some time that a face-off has been initiated on tab terrain. Here’s look into the probable Galaxy Tab III from Samsung expected this year and how it could stand up against the hot tablets of this year. With the Galaxy Tab darlings that have been there and done that over the last year, it seems Samsung loyalists are desperate for a change. If the buzz from the rumor radios is to be beloved, then chances are that at least four new tabs are on cards from Samsung at the Mobile World Congress.

  • Galaxy Tab III is all slated for arrival into the big bad world of gadgets and could come in 10.1 and 7-inch screen sizes. However, there have been no leaks into how exactly the tabs would look like or how power-packed would their punches be. A 5-Mp clicker and 16-32 GB onboard storage—these are the other expected features of the new tablet line. As for the color—pristine white could be the first outing for the Galaxy III.
  • We wonder if the oh-so-hot Google Nexus 10 could be put to sleep by the Tab outings. For now, the Nexus is something to drool over. The Nexus tablet comes with a retina-searing display of the Super PLS category. Dimensionally, 10.05-inch, the sexy gadget comes with 300 pixels resolution. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 adds class to the dual-core 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos processor backed, 2GRAM packed Nexus. Wi-Fi compatible, the Nexus 10 might just see an upgrade to work on 3G soon. Samsung does have competition we think!
  • Coming to Sony, the electronic giants have indeed revamped their image in the tablet market over the past year. With Sony Xperia Z garnering attention and popularity galore, post-CES 2013, the sleek yet mean tab from the Xperia range has indeed seduced us. A 10-ich screen that comes with dust and water-resistant tags indeed make you take a second look. 2 GB RAM backed by a quad-core Snapdragon processor would be no joke for gadget enthusiasts. Expandable memory with a powerful 8.1 MP shutter indeed makes your hearts race faster. Of course, the battery backup is good enough to make your charger sleep for a day without interruption.

Take a bow to all the three tabs on offer this season and pick up one after the Samsung buzz translates into reality.