Free Netflix with Google Chromebooks


Google has come out with an amazing deal for all Netflix lovers as now they can binge watch to their heart’s content. Google is offering free Netflix for six months on purchase of Samsung Chromebook Plus, Chromebook Pro, and Google Pixelbook.
This good news is applicable for the old Chromebook users as they can also cash in this mind-blowing offer ending on 31st December 2017. All the new, as well as old users, will be able to enjoy the mid-tier $10.99/month plan which guarantees Netflix screenings on two screens at any given time. Also, the Chromebook users will relish HD video for 6 months.


Google has stepped outside of its plot and has offered all Chromebook buyers 6 months of binge-watching of their favorite television shows and movies. According to Google, available till the New Year’s Eve, this amazing offer is applicable on Samsung’s Chromebook Plus Chromebook and Google Pixelbook.

Samsung Chromebook Plus and Google Pixelbook have been announced as the two best Chromebooks of 2017. Redeeming the offer will give the Chromebook owners HD video and access to download on compatible devices.