Fortnite Brings Marvel Season Post App Store Ban

Fortnite Season

Epic Games is set to launch a new Marvel themed Fortnite season on Thursday, August 27, 2020. The gaming giant has tweeted the new Chapter 2 Season 4 teaser of the Fortnite game amidst its ongoing legal battles with Apple Inc. Notably, the tweet comes following the game’s ban from the App Store on the alleged violations of Store’s term policies.

Marvel themed seasons and superheroes-inspired characters have been quite popular among game players in the past. Fortnite had launched its first ever Avengers themed mode back in 2018. Moreover, it has rolled out various characters inspired by the Marvel superheroes such as Captain America, Star-Lord, Black Window, etc. However, the iPhone users won’t be able to enjoy the new season due to its ongoing legal battle with the tech giant. 

The legal battle between the iPhone maker and Fortnite developer began earlier this month following the latter’s attempt to bypass Apple App Store commissions.  Notably, Apple receives a 30 percent commission cut on all the in-app purchases for applications available on App Store. However, in its latest Fortnite update, Epic Games had enabled players to bypass Apple’s payment gateway.

Consequently, Apple had removed the Fortnite game from its iPhone and iPad App Stores. Furthermore, after removing it from the App Store, Apple has also threatened to cut off Epic Games’ access to development tools. Notably, the potential restrictions will severely impact  the company’s Unreal Engine.

Fortnite Season 1

Microsoft Defends Epics Games

Furthermore, Microsoft Inc. has also come in support of Epic Games. In its court filling, the software leader reportedly cited the ban’s potential impact on other gaming firms for its support. It said that restricting Epic Games’ developer account would not only affect the Fortnite owner but also other gaming firms including Microsoft that are dependent on the company’s “Unreal Engine”.

Kevin Gammill, General Manager, Gaming Developer Experiences at Microsoft said, “If Unreal Engine cannot support games for iOS or macOS, Microsoft would be required to choose between abandoning its customers and potential customers on the iOS and macOS platforms or choosing a different game engine to develop new games.”

For the uninitiated, Epic Game’s Unreal Engine is a set of technologies offering a framework for creating 3-D graphics. It is widely used by firms and developers across industry and is issued by the company against a licensing fee. Even the Microsoft executive noted that despite several alternatives available in the market, not many compare with the Epic’s Unreal Engine in terms of features and functionality.

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