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Foreo Luna – Spa Like Cleansing Right at Home

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Ensuring the best beauty solutions are not kept back for the wealthy few, FOREO, short for “For Every One”, has taken over the beauty marketplace with its new standard of beauty and wellbeing solutions. The aim of the “Apple of skincare” is to transform daily personal hygiene habits with design-forward technology. From washing your face to massaging your eyelids – their innovative sonic-based Luna facial cleansers deliver better results.

Foreo Luna facial cleansing tools have made a secure place in the beauty regime of more than 20 million people globally and as a matter of fact, currently, around the world, a LUNA device sells every three seconds. Let’s try to understand the importance of good facial cleansers and why Foreo Luna is the favored skincare device of many.

Why Correct Facial Cleansing Is important

Estheticians often stress how important it is to wash and cleanse face daily. Regular skin cleansing is a must for that radiant and vibrant skin. Now, it is also to understand that washing face constantly can take away the moisture and disturb the pH balance. And, no matter how diligentlywe wash our face with a good cleanser, debris can linger. To achieve that flawless skin, free of all blemishes, it has become important to use good quality facial brushes that are not abrasive and hard on the skin. Facial cleansing brushes are skincare game-changers, leaving us with not only cleaner pores, but also a smoother, more exfoliated complexion.

Foreo Luna Facial Cleansing Range – Sweden Technology

With beauty and innovation at the forefront of every range, Foreo has introduced a range of Luna facial cleansing brushes since 2013. Accorded as the first step to sonic facial cleansing, the award winning Luna range has taken over the skincare sector. Luna skincare range promises oneminute clean, all day glow.

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The latest addition to the Foreo Luna facial cleansing family is Luna 3. LUNA 3 is the first smart skincare device on the market that combines an ultra-soft hygienic cleanse with a variety of targeted firming massage routines all controlled by the FOREO For You app.The high-tech beauty device allows users to achieve that healthy healthy glow and with its app-enabled feature, that can be customized according to your routine.

Is Foreo Luna 3 Worth the Price?

The beauty game changer is worth every penny. Created using Smart Swedish Design, the Luna 3 is designed for three different skin types – normal, sensitive and combination.  The Luna 3 skincare facial brush is super gentle yet effectively removes the last traces of dirt, sweat, oil, and makeup, and reveals glowing skin.

Features of Foreo Luna 3:

  • With 30% longer touchpoints than its predecessors, Luna 3 facial cleaning tool is 100% waterproof and provides deep cleaning of the pores
  • Luna 3 effortlessly glides across the skin. This means no pulling or stretching
  • The  soft silicone brush is extremely gentle and works well to preserve the skin’s natural elasticity
  • The Luna 3 comes with 16 pulsation intensities to choose from and with upto 8000 pulsations per minute.
  • The cleansing tool is app-compatible that offers personalized settings and variety of firming face massage routines

Beyond the amazing cleansing benefits, the best skincare tool can also be used as a non-invasive anti-aging treatment. When connected to an app via Bluetooth, you can choose between four different face and neck massages designed specifically to target different skin concerns. From firming to tightening, the Luna cleansing tool can also be used to massage night-creams and serums deep into the skin. The silicone brush allows your skincare products to penetrate the epidermis and reveals astonishing results with proper use.

Buy your facial glow cleansing tool at:

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Foreo Luna cleansing and facial massager is a great tool to pamper your skin. Along with a more youthful appearance and even looking complexion, the facial cleansing tool also helps in relaxing facial muscle-tension points. Try your hands on the Luna facial massager and don’t forget to write down your review.

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