The date September 9, 2015 has been marked since it the day when Apple is hosting and event and is rumored to launch its next iPhone models. Thus, the speculations doing the rounds about the various new features that would be seen in iPhone 6S make sense.

Among the new leaks, the best are the ones that suggest features in details about the Force touch feature, new display technology and stronger metal casing. The most talked about feature is the Force Touch technology whicThe New iPhone 6s is Rumored to have it Allh is supposed to let users pull up menus, access shortcut options and turning on other new functions.

According to another video by MacManiack via 9to5Mac suggests integrated fingerprint sensor, inclusion of Force Touch feature and home button on the display screen. It is believed that the “Touch ID home button is integrated in the LCD and digitiser connector,” as per the video and that the Touch ID and digitizer have two different connectors, one for each.

The idea that iPhone 6S would come with stronger metal casing has been derived from the video by Unbox Therapy that has surfaced recently. In the video, the casings of both the current and rumored iPhone models are seen being compared. While the present one measures 138.09×66.91×1.14mm as per the video, the upcoming one is 138.2×67.16×1.9mm I dimension, which is slightly thicker. This is believed to be Apple’s answer to the ‘bendgate’ controversy.

Well, whatever may be features included in the upcoming Apple smartphones, it would not stay a secret for longer since Apple’s September 9 event is about to happen within a month from now.

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