It seems like forever since we first started seeing Apple’s foldable iPhone rumours making the rounds in the media. We have ever since seen the launch of several foldable smartphones hitting the market. In the latest iPhone foldable phone updates, Apple is rumoured to be preparing to release its own foldable iPhone. Notably, PhoneArena has reported that Apple has requested for a large number of foldable phone display samples from Samsung Display. It has even added that if things do go as per the plan, Apple might strike a one-year deal with Samsung.

When Will iPhone Foldable Phone Launch?

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Several industry insiders had earlier predicted that we won’t be getting a foldable Apple phone until 2023. However, latest leaks and reports suggest that it might be much closer to launch than that. But in any case, we are definitely not getting the much awaited foldable iPhone in the on-going year 2020. iPhone 12 is likely to be the next Apple smartphone coming our way.

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But, like many other ardent Apple fans and tech enthusiasts, we are also hoping that next in line, following the iPhone 12 series, might be the foldable iPhone Flip. Our best bet is we might actually see the iPhone foldable smartphone model by late 2021 or the beginning of 2022. However, if there is one thing we have learned about the whole foldable iPhone affair so far; it is anybody’s guess until Apple announces a foldable phone itself.

What do we know about foldable iPhone features so far?

Many in the industry also quote the long delay to the fact that Apple is in-fact a late comer to the foldable party. They suggest that since Apple doesn’t have the initiation advantage, it is expected to deliver a more complete and reliable iPhone foldable model with better features that its other counterparts.

A host of Apple patents on foldable display technology have reportedly been spotted in the last couple of years. However, it is still not very sure what the actual display design will look like. Apple was initially rumoured to be planning a dual-screen design for its foldable phone much like the Microsoft Surface Duo. But, post the Samsung Display order news reports, it seems quite unlikely.


If the latest updates are to be believed, foldable iPhone may actually sport a display design much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Notably, Samsung Display also supplies OLED displays for many iPhones. Thus, it won’t be really surprising if Apple decides to stick to Samsung Display for its foldable iPhone too. In terms of other specifications and configurations, we are expecting the foldable iPhone model to utilise the latest upgrades from the other iPhones only.

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