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Foldable Google Pixel May Launch With Third Display In 2021

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Google Pixel 4a has just been out after a long wait. But, company’s upcoming smartphones including foldable Google Pixel smartphone and Google Pixel 5a are already stealing the limelight. A Google document leak on Thursday revealed that Google is indeed working on a foldable and is planning to launch it in 2021.

The leaked document featured a list of Android builds for Google’s various Pixel gadgets such as Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 4a. Notably, it also contains builds for some of the unannounced devices like Pixel 5a and 3 others that were codenamed passport, oriole and raven.

Google To Enter Foldable Space in 2021

Foldable Google Pixel1

Going by the descriptions, everyone’s best guess is that passport is indeed the much-awaited foldable Google Pixel while the subsequent two likely belong to the upcoming Pixel 6 series. The three smartphones would apparently be launching in the fourth quarter of the next year as the list mentions Q4 2021 in the three builds.

The race for better foldable smartphones is expected to further intensify with the foldable Pixel. But, apart from Pixel Chief Mario Queiroz confirming last year that the company is prototyping the technology, we haven’t heard much from Google on its foldable project.

What we know about the Foldable Google Pixel so far?

Nevertheless, we have started getting our first hints from leaks and various tipsters. For instance, Patently Apple has reported about the Google’s patent application for a device with flexible display earlier this year. The patent application had detailed the folding mechanism around the hinge.

Taking cues from the codename, some have also predicted that the foldable Google Pixel smartphone may feature a design similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphones. Moreover, it is also widely speculated that the company may outsource flexible displays to BOE, LG or Samsung.

Interestingly, in one of the boldest predictions, the popular tech portal, Tom’s Guide even went on to suggest that the upcoming foldable mobile phone from Google may also offer a third display.Thus, with the foldable technology getting better and more durable by the day; it would be interesting to see in the coming months what the leading tech giant can bring to the plate.Also Read: GOOGLE PIXEL 4A VS ONEPLUS NORD: WHICH ONE TO BUY?

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