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Flying App with One Epic Knight; An Interesting Gameplay!

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If you are always on the lookout for new games on your iPhone or iPad and worry about burdening costs, then here comes an interesting option for a superb runner game!

I would often exhaust much of my salary on putting more interesting games and apps on my phone trying to make it one of the most updated versions of its kind in my workplace. But once a while, one does come across some very friendly options, which are lighter on the pocket and keep oneself busy on the device for quite some time. The latest addition in my device is the One Epic Knight, a 3-D endless runner launched by Simutronics Corp. Besides the fun doled out by runner games, it has a RPG touch to it which makes it unique. But hold your horses, there is only a single knight for your playing techniques.

The game begins with the knight waiting outside a dungeon setting to begin his race. Though the game play appears similar to Agent Dash with similar control mechanisms but of course, the dungeon setting and armored appeal is just ‘different’. While running, you have to change directions consistently and jump over obstacles or duck under various ones from time to time. The weapons are spent as per their usage and coins get scattered around from time to time. For those who have been used to playing FantasyXRunners, you would find it similar but offering a fresh perspective on the game. But if you have come across Imangi’s Temple Run, then you may not be surprised out of your zone with this game. But yes, the ‘Scary Movie’ was hilarious and it spoofed on many popular movies released around the same time. Similarly, One Epic Knight brings about a character, which can pull out its own set of jabbering one-liners, which can rustle up some tough nuts. But over a period of time, they also get repetitive with the tasks associated with the runner. But when you hear the little fellow scream “Leeroy Jenkins” or “They call me limberjack”, you can’t help rather than having a good laugh!

Some of the obstacles in the games involve critters appearing like a bugging menace, which can be smashed into pieces with various weapons found on the way, the best of which is the amazing ‘MEAT’ that is basically a humongous piece of meat, which can be used to bash up opponents. The game is addictive just like the other games in its league. It has different levels of upgrades including Weapon enhancements, Shield upgrades, Rampage, Mana upgrades, and Loot upgrades.

Well, rather than just going the long and short about the game, I will skip towards its USP. The best part about the game is its price. It is absolutely FREE! Historical settings are often attractive in the mystery they behold. And of course, it is not one for the Diablo fans, but potions, dungeons, critters, shields, armors, need I say more! Let the swords out and run into the ‘Mana Madness’ along with the ‘One epic Knight’!

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