Pocketable subscriptions and great streaming—be it for movies, music or even content streaming—users always need the most of everything. Readly, Readbug are already offering great quality content at slashed price while Apple News is still in making. Flipboard has also become quite popular among the magazine readers.


As for Readly, you can access most magazines that are top of the rack unlimitedly at £9.99 per month. With great interface and support for high-res devices and Retina backed screens, this is the pick to go with if you are a big saver.


This is only meant for iOS and comes with niche categories. It is easy-to-read through given the image and text demarcation. This is also priced at £9.99 per month and the most popular titles are Another Magazine, Dazed, Little White Lies, Under The Radar, Things & Ink  and Sight & Sound.


Flipboard can be accessed on Windows, iOS, BlackBerry as well as Android. BlackBerry. However, using Flipboard does not require monthly subscription as it is ad-revenue fed. However, it can be great only when you want to read the mags.

Apple News

Apple News is shrouded in a hood. It is based on RSS and is again, ad-revenue funded. Till date, all we know is this will hit the mart in August this year and content is still being created.

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