Flickr, an image hosting and video hosting website, has introduced 3.0 version of its iPhone, iPod touch and Android apps with a simple aim to enable its users to capture, share, and discover photos and videos with more ease and in less time. The company has done a neat makeover along with bringing in several photo enhancement features in order to enhance the experience.Huawei dual OS android, windows smartphone

The advanced photo enhancement features have resulted in making Flickr at par with other apps, such as Instagram, Adobe Photoshop Express, Vine and others, that are available in the market and have been offering these features for quite some time.

The makeover has anabled the app to provide a clean viewing experience to its viewers, allowing them to organize photos into columns and rows for easier access. Additionally, the app provides 1TB of cloud storage that allow you to store all of your favorite images.

Flickr VP Bernardo Hernandez has been quoted saying on the company blog post that “Even if you have thousands of photos, our intelligent search engine will help you find what you’re looking for fast. Flickr’s understanding of your photo’s date and time (ex: ‘January 2014’), place (ex: ‘San Francisco’), and even scenes and objects (ex: ‘car,’ ‘sunset,’ ‘beach,’ ‘portrait’) helps organize your images.”

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