Flash Storage In Some Macbook Air Devices Recalled: Will Macbook Pro 2013 Sales Get Affected?

With less than week to go for the unveiling of the brand new Macbook Pro, and the announcement by Apple Inc to recall some Macbook Air models, there may be fair chances of Macbook Pro sales getting affected.

 Apple Inc warned that certain 64- and 128 GB flash storage drives in the Macbook Air devices that were sold between June 2012 and June 2013 may fail. The firmware update available on the Mac App store can be run to check whether there is any data loss. It is good that the tech giant has promised replacement of affected flash drives and re-installation of the operating system version, without taking any extra charge. Apple recommends the affected Macbook Air users to not update the OS or install any updates and backup data on the flash drive before bringing the device to the Apple store.

 Apple is known for making quality products that fail rarely, but this recall, more importantly the timing of the recall may have a direct bearing on the sales of Macbook Pro. This may be a blessing in disguise too, with the responsible handling of flash drives by Apple being a reason for more purchases. Only time will tell how the reception for new Mac will be.

 Here is the summary of Friday closing of Apple Inc on NASDAQ.

Nishtha Shukla Anand

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