Angry Birds competitor Flappy Birds is here and it has indeed become popular. The game comes from land of Hanoi and unlike angry birds it requires the users to fly the birds without hitting the pipes. Here we give you some interesting tips, which will help you achieve better in the game:

1. As the game is pretty new take it slow and first learn the nuances of the game. In the very first instance don’t aim to hit a jackpot. It’s something to enjoy, so the more relaxed your mind will be the better will be your performance at the game.
2. The game is still has some bugs so you may feel that birds are hitting pipes in spite of you saving them. Don’t loose your nerve and play to learn the ropes, till the bug updates are rolled out.
3. Saving the birds is easier when you raise it up than dipping it down. Maintain a rhythm of your birds movement, it will be easier to reach your goal
4. If you play the game on bigger phone which has minimal accessories your control on game will become better
5. Aim for your goal: 10 points, Silver medal for 20 wins while Gold medal is awarded for 30 wins.