There is good news for the lovers of two of the most addictive games – Flappy Bird and 2048 – as a game developer has merged the two games and made a mash-up dubbed as “Flappy48.”Angry Birds Epic now live on iOS in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

The new game is available for free and requires its users to combine tiles into larger numbers, an element of 2048, and at the same time making sure they don’t crash into columns that appear as the numbers fly through the screen, which is a feature of Flappy Bird.

The users can play the new game Flappy48 on the Web on desktops and laptops. It just needs the installation of the Unity Web Player. Flappy48 has been developed by Dan Moran and made it available on the Internet earlier this week, according to his website and Twitter feed. Moran managed to develop the game in a period of less than a day and he said that the new game is a tribute to both Flappy Bird and 2048.

Flappy Bird served as a mobile game that gain prominence in late 2013. The game managed to top the free game charts of both the Apple App Store and Google Play in January and February 2014. The users are required to tap their device screen in the game in order to levitate a bird so that it doesn’t crash into pipes that appear. The target is to earn the highest score possible. The game was removed by Dong Nguyen, the developer of Flappy Bird, in February from Apple’s and Google’s stores.

Meanwhile, 2048 is a puzzle game similar to that of Candy Crush, but it makes use of numbers and not colorful candies.  The gamers need to join the numbers and achieve 2048 tile in the box with making as less moves as possible. The tiles are required to be matched up with same numbers which merges into one tile giving a larger number or double of the tiles that have been merged.

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