Apple has surely planned something extensive and eminent for its new launch. It has designed the new MacBook Pro will alluring features that would entice the buyers. Apple fanatics are looking forward to some decent additions and good inclusions in the new models. The top 5 proofs that Apple has decked the new MacBook Pro with brilliant features include:

  1. The Retina display of MacBook Pro with a screen of 15.4 inches and a resolution of 2880x 1800 pixel will price the top notch model at $3500 (as expected till now)
  2. The company has used costly Flash storage rather than going for slow speed traditional hard drive
  3. The Full-HD Display adds more vibrancy, colour, crispiness and charm to the screen
  4. The Haswell processor is the best processor included in the MacBook till date
  5. Apple is trying to use the new MacBook Pro to set a statement for standard that users will demand from other users.

Thus, the top design, amazing port selection, fast storage system and expansibility capacity of the MacBook Pro has surely made the device worth every eye attraction.