With digital transformation at peak, even the U.S. Tennis Association has decided to use cloud computing and artificial intelligence make U.S Open a memorable experience. The USTA has decided to use cloud computing and AI to enhance the experiences of fans who can only watch this week’s U.S. Open on televisions, computers and smartphones.

The USTA along with IBM team have moved its focus towards harnessing engagement, especially during the global pandemic. The aim is to use AI-based techniques such as natural-language processing or NLP to developseveral new platforms to keep the audience engaged and enthralled. According to Kirsten Corio, USTA’s managing director of ticketing and digital strategy, “ The reason to do is that while the U.S. Open’s website and app serve around 10 million visitors every year, the tennis association expects viewership to be higher in 2020 owing to the pandemic.”

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Social Distancing

This year the 2020 US Open will be held without in-person spectators. to keep the viewers glued, the USTA has taken a step ahead and has quickly adapted to these circumstances to deliver a world-class digital experience to millions of fans.

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“COVID-19 brought disruption to sports as a whole, and the ability of fans to experience live sporting events has been heavily impacted in 2020. At the same time, the pandemic accelerated the need for engaging technologies using AI and underpinned by a scalable hybrid cloud,” said Noah Syken, Vice President of Sports & Entertainment Partnerships, IBM.

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IBM has created new fan experiences using AI and Hybrid Cloud. This innovative new fan experiences leverages artificial intelligence (AI) which is reinforced by hybrid cloud technologies to enable millions of fans across the globe to enjoy the first ever digital iconic tennis Grand Slam. IBM developed three unique and new tennis-based digital experiences. Two of the new solutions are based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities from IBM Watson, pulling from a variety of data sets and running workloads on multiple clouds. A team of IBM iX experts in design and technology collaborated virtually with the USTA digital team, utilizing the IBM Garage Methodology to co-create the new fan experiences and fast-track their deployment. The new fan experience solutions pull from a variety of data sets and APIs running on IBM public cloud and on private clouds.

“US Open digital properties will deliver the tournament to millions of fans around the world, and this year, IBM’s new digital experiences will bring more data-driven player insight than ever before,” said Kirsten Corio, Managing Director, Ticketing, Hospitality and Digital Strategy, USTA. The new-virtual only environment will allow fans to experience the sports through the US Open digital properties from anywhere in the world with game stats delivered as if they were onsite.

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