Friday, June 9, 2023

FingerSense on Smartphones Can Identify Knuckles, Fingertips, Fingernails

Well, this one’s still in the works – at least for now. But an American scientist has recently developed a prototype smartphone which can identify different types of touch of knuckles, fingertips and fingernails on the screen. Chris Harrison, the creator of this smartphone, is based in Carnegie Mellon University at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

You can open up the screen using other parts of the hand. The phone has an inbuilt vibration sensor and runs FingerSense software, also created by Harrison. These technologies together identify different acoustics and vibrations of the different kinds of touch and help the phone respond accordingly. You can select an object using a tap of your fingertip, while your knuckle opens up a sub-menu like the right click of a mouse on the PC.

Harrison envisions smartphones to become more capable towards human touch, and give users the ability to provide inputs using more means. The vibration sensor can be added to any smartphone’s main circuit board to give it the capability to identify the different types of touch. Harrison is already in discussions with major phone makers to include his technology in their devices. He has also launched his own company called Qeexo to sell his prototype device with this futuristic artificial intelligence like software.

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