Finding Your Next Job Got Easier with LinkedIn Resume Assistant

Most popular social networking site for professionals and businesses, LinkedIn has also become a proficient job-search tool for professionals wanting to grow. LinkedIn not only allows its users to share their expertise but also helps professionals connect on one platform. To help LinkedIn members with their application process, LinkedIn has designed a new “Resume Assistant” feature that helps users to design compelling resumes for themselves. This useful feature helps users understand how professionals working in their field of work are describing their job profiles and responsibilities.

How does Resume Assistant feature work?

How linkedin assistant work

Quite simple to benefit from, all you have to do is select the desired role and industry, and wait for Resume Assistant to pull useful LinkedIn insights from its database profiles. This will help you see and understand how other professionals describe their job responsibilities.
Resume Assistant has another add-on through which users will be able to see job listings posted by recruiters and other businesses that will help you give a kick start to your career.  Not only this, you will also be able to see the requirements and job responsibilities, helping you modify or design your resume in order to be suitable for the current opening.
LinkedIn in collaboration with Microsoft will help millions of its users customize their resume in accordance with current job openings. Users can also take help from ProFinder, which is LinkedIn’s freelance platform and create a resume meeting current industry standards. This feature will also help you communicate with recruiters and tell them about your experiences and the kind of opportunity you are looking for.
The features is currently available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers in US, UK, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand Australia, Brazil, India, South Africa, and Spain. Resume Assistant will also quietly signal HRs and consultants that you are looking for new opportunities, thus increasing your chances of getting a call back.