Find the Best Educational Resources with Google’s New Feature for Students

Google's New Feature for Students

Google Search is a saviour, it is our “go to” for everything, literally everything! For students, it’s a power bank of knowledge, collating information from different resources to helps students understand and grasp a concept in a more efficient and productive way. To help students become better searchers, Google has introduced a new feature to offer interactive educational useful resource with a simple search. Google’s new feature for students will enable them to find best educational resources directly in Search. It will also test a student’s knowledge of chemistry, mathematics and physics directly in the Search engine.

How will Google’s new feature for students prove beneficial?

To understand this, lets consider a situation where a student is looking for “chemical bond practice problems” learning. With the new Google feature for students, resources from third-party providers like Careers360, Vedantu, GradeUp, Kahoot, Toppr, etc will open up to help them practice and solve the equations before exams.

chemical bond practice problems

Google is currently in talks with Educational providers like Tiger Algebra, Symbolab, Mathway to help users solve Maths equations from Google Search. If the partnership is established, then Google will get the requisite support to help students solve complex STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) questions with a thorough explanation of a topic. Google will also offer targeted resources of complex subjects.

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In February, the search giant had rolled out a new feature for its search feed which allowed users to get more information about a website they were about to open. Google shows the description of the website from Wikipedia. However, in cases where the websites don’t have a Wikipedia page or relevant information, Google then presents additional context that may be available.

Google is also planning to roll out more than fifty updates for Google Classroom, Meet, and other online educational tools. The new updates will focus on meeting educators needs, and will help students to learn better in the pandemic-stricken world.

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