Gaming enthusiasts can now chat with others on their mobile using the party chat feature in the Xbox app. The feature, that was initially beta tested, was launched by Microsoft to facilitate communication between those having a common interest for gaming. The party chat feature allows integration of gaming activities on different devices such as your phone, Windows personal computer or Xbox One for streamlining the gaming experience.

To use the feature, all that you are required to do is, click on the ‘Parties’ option and choose ‘Start a party’. Start adding friends with whom you can then talk using call or text. For enjoying the best voice message experience, the company recommends using headphones with microphones. You can also visit the profiles of other gamers or mute certain gamers from the Party and share your accomplishments and gaming clips with fellows. The biggest advantage of the Xbox app is that playing games on multiple devices and that too in multiplayer mode is now possible on account of inter connectivity between them.


The feature, that was earlier available for users of Windows 10 and the Xbox console only, is a major relief among the gaming community. The Xbox app provides an opportunity to search for other groups and clubs on the app that have similar interests. This is helpful in finding support in case you are stuck somewhere in a specific game. A number of online tournaments can also be played where you get to compete with like-minded individuals.

The Party chat feature of the Xbox app is definitely giving its strongest competitor, the Sony Play Station 4, a run for its money. The PS 4 does not allow messaging or calling except for with the assistance of third parties. Party chat helps you stay connected even when not accessing the console or PC. Through the Xbox app, Microsoft aims to build a well knit community of gamers by facilitating sharing of information and ideas despite a gaming session being not in progress.

According to Microsoft, users can view the gaming history from different devices in one place, engage with other gamers, take tips and offer advice, navigate seamlessly through the Xbox One, enter into multi player gaming sessions and play on separate screens all through the Xbox app. Party chat is one interesting feature of the app, but you can do much more with it! The latest version of the application, which is an extension of the Xbox Live, can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.